May 15, 2024

How TGR Foundation empowers educators to ignite change

After transitioning from a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week celebrating our educators with an eye toward the end of the school year, it’s essential not just to anticipate summer activities but also to continue reflecting on the transformative impact educators have in the lives of youth. Teacher Appreciation Week offered a great opportunity to look for ways to celebrate these pivotal agents of change year-round. From my initial role as a high school biology teacher in South Los Angeles to founding and scaling a charter school network serving thousands of underestimated students in Los Angeles, to my current role at TGR Foundation driving innovative learning spaces and STEAM education programming nationally at TGR Learning Labs I have witnessed firsthand the profound influence that empowered educators wield in molding tomorrow’s leaders. 

TGR Learning Lab educators gather for a photo during Teacher Appreciation Week at the flagship campus.

Showing Gratitude: The Foundation of Transformation 

Educators do much more than teach; they are architects of the future, crafting the minds and spirits of the next generation. At TGR Foundation, we believe that expressing gratitude to educators transcends simple acknowledgment—it demands proactive support and investment in their continuous growth. The dedication of educators sparks curiosity and ambition in our youth, turning fleeting interactions into pivotal, life-altering moments.  TGR Learning Labs are institutions of learning for students and their respective educators.  

Investing in Our Educators: The TGR Foundation Approach 

Acknowledging the pivotal role of educator professional development, we have pioneered innovative models such as our STEM Studio sessions at the TGR Learning Lab. These programs don’t just refine skills; they revolutionize pedagogical approaches through inquiry-based instruction, enabling educators across various disciplines to profoundly influence student engagement and learning outcomes. If you are interested in new tools for educators that drive impact in your classroom, please check out our upcoming STEM Studio sessions this summer (both virtual and live). You can learn more about our other powerful educator professional development opportunities throughout the year by signing up for our educator newsletter. 

Southern California educators celebrate a project milestone during STEM Studio educator professional development session at the flagship TGR Learning Lab.

Enriching Through Day Programs  

Our school day program at the TGR Learning Lab exemplifies the symbiotic growth of educators and students. The program, crafted to dovetail seamlessly with district curricula, invites local schools to our state-of-the-art Learning Lab to engage students in hands-on STEAM education experiences while their teachers receive free professional development. These initiatives encourage teachers to weave new concepts into their lessons, fostering an educational environment that evolves with global trends. School districts and leaders are invited to connect with us and explore how our programs can enrich their curricular offerings. 


Celebrating and Expanding Talent 

Recognizing potential and nurturing talent are cornerstones of our work at TGR Foundation. It is important for us to draw upon the experiences and expertise of our team and our community to impact students. For instance, Marco – one of our TGR Learning Lab Anaheim instructors, is leveraging his unique background as a former water engineer and carpenter to innovate our maker space curriculum. Stefan, our seasoned building manager who immigrated from Romania, is an expert wood crafter and is expanding beyond the traditional boundaries of his role to teach woodworking courses, enriching student learning with his craftsmanship. Stefanie, an instructor at our new TGR Learning Lab Philadelphia brings her background as a former college basketball star to uniquely engage students at our newest Learning Lab while empowering them to pursue their passions through education. 

TGR Learning Lab Anaheim Facilities Manager, Stefan Amzaroiu, leads students in a Saturday woodworking session.

We invite parents and guardians to explore our Expanded Learning Programs and enroll their children in these transformative educational experiences. 

Driving Change Through Conversation and Collaboration

Let’s broaden our perspectives and embrace the boundless possibilities of educational impact beyond Teacher Appreciation Week. Reaffirm your commitment to educators by joining us in this vital conversation. For collaborations, insights or to learn more about how you can join us to support educational transformation, contact us at [email protected] or 714.765.8000.