Lesson Plan
45-90 Minutes (1-2 class sessions)

Career Path

  • Career Readiness
  • English Language Arts
  • Social Emotional Learning


Students will visualize, organize and illustrate their future pathways and translate this information into goals for themselves, with written action plans for achievement. In this activity, students will learn about career clusters and pathways that are available to them after graduation. Students will learn that the U.S. Department of Education has identified 16 career clusters that lead to over 70 different career pathways and hundreds of jobs. To pinpoint specific careers that will align with students’ interests, students will take a Careers Cluster Interest Survey, conduct online research and interview individuals in their family or community to identify the careers that would make them the happiest, challenged and fulfilled.

Critical Thinking


  • Complete a career clusters interest survey 
  • Conduct research on three potential career choices 
  • Conduct interviews with people in careers that interest them 

Suggested Time

45-90 Minutes (1-2 class sessions)