Student Module
30 minutes

College Blueprint

  • College Access


Invite students to take a virtual campus tour to learn about the college admissions and application process. In this self-paced module, students will go on a virtual campus tour to learn the basics of college access, exploration, the application process and paying for college. Students will be guided by host, Aaliyah, Computer Science Sophomore, as she walks students through the Student Center, Admissions Office and Financial Aid Office. At each stop, students will learn important information for researching and identifying colleges that are a good fit, the different types of applications, what they can do to strengthen their own college application and the many options available to help pay for college. By the end of the tour, students should have a solid understanding of how to navigate the college admissions process – starting from the application to successfully paying for and pursuing their education. 


  • Be more confident about identifying and getting accepted to college. 
  • Be more knowledgeable about different postsecondary education pathways and related career opportunities. 
  • Understand how their abilities, skills, interests and aspirations intersect with college and career options. 
  • Have a greater understanding of and increased confidence about navigating the college-admissions process. 
  • Be more knowledgeable about how to access resources that can help them get into and afford the college of their choice. 

Suggested Time

30 minutes