Lesson Plan
1-2 class sessions

Academic Résumé

  • Career Readiness
  • College Access
  • English Language Arts
  • Social Emotional Learning


Through reflection and sharing, students will understand the importance of leadership and community service in the college application process. The lesson will begin with students reflecting on what leadership and community service are and how they relate to one another. They will then identify unique ways they have demonstrated leadership and community service, and practice “bragging” about these examples to a peer. Finally, students will compile and organize information to help them “brag” about their accomplishments, activities, interests and leadership qualities in a personal academic resume that could be used as part of their college admissions process. They will also consider what contributions they could make to their future college community.


  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking


  • Define and share examples of leadership and community service.  
  • Reflect on their own leadership skills and on the contributions they make/have made to their communities.  
  • Envision what kind of contribution they will make to their college campus community.  
  • Create a first (i.e. “working”) draft of a personal academic resume. 

Suggested Time

1-2 class sessions