Educator Module
30 - 45 minutes

Bringing Students Back to the Center

  • Professional Development


We are living through a period of rapid transformation, from the way we work to how we communicate and even experience entertainment. But if you look at the landscape of education, little has changed in decades. Learning often takes places like it did at the start of the 20th century: students lined up in rows of desks, staring at a whiteboard, taking notes and completing worksheets. Why is there a disconnect between the way we teach and the way the world works? What if we could transform the classroom environment so that students are active in their learning process? What if students became creators and not merely consumers of information? In this learning module, called Bringing Students Back to the Center, learn how to transform the classroom from one that emphasizes the teacher’s role to one where students are the focal point. Along the way you will uncover concrete strategies for improving the learning experience and leave with a tool that will help identify areas of growth in your own practice.


  • Distinguish between a teacher-centered and student-centered learning environment 
  • Articulate whey a student-centered learning environment is beneficial for all students 
  • Identify multiple tools and strategies to implement a student-centered learning environment 
  • Reflect on your own learning environment using a self-assessment rubric 

Suggested Time

30 - 45 minutes