Educator Module
30 - 45 minutes

Creating an Inquiry Mindset

  • Professional Development


Didactic approaches to teaching and learning have been the norm for decades, but for students to excel in the workforce of tomorrow they need to develop transferrable skills in the classrooms of today. A world where information is abundant and just a click away requires a learning approach that prioritizes inquiry. What if, instead of solely focusing on content knowledge, students were given real-world opportunities to use inquiry to discovery new meaning and make connections across disciplines? In this learning module, called Creating an Inquiry Mindset, learn about four main types of inquiry and a few concrete strategies for implementing inquiry in your classroom – all with the aim of creating an inquiry mindset in your students.


  • Define inquiry and inquiry-based instruction 
  • Articulate the benefits of increasing student inquiry 
  • Identify and understand types of inquiry 
  • Use Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) and Question Matrixes 
  • Identify where you can begin to integrate more inquiry in your classroom 

Suggested Time

30 - 45 minutes