Educator Module
30 - 45 minutes

Deep Thinking for Lifelong Learning

  • Professional Development


Teaching and learning in the classroom is undergoing transformative changes. The reliance on rote memorization and specific knowledge – now available in abundance for anyone in the world with access and determination – is making way for an emphasis on skill-building, creative thinking, and problem-solving. How can we ensure our learning environments are best suited to this rapidly changing dynamic? What can be done to prepare students for the complexities of the future workforce? How can we, as educators, create learning opportunities in the classrooms of today that promote deep thinking? In this module, called Deep Thinking for Lifelong Learning, learn what deep thinking is and how it benefits students, understand effective strategies that promote deep thinking in the classroom, and come away tools to help turn all students into lifelong learners.


  • Make connections with the important principles outlined in previous modules. 
  • Define deep thinking and learning and the three dimensions of deep thinking. 
  • Make connections to deep thinking and learning, its application to lifelong learners and the importance in the workforce. 
  • Explore practices and strategies to promote a deep thinking classroom. 
  • Develop a plan to implement a deep thinking classroom. 

Suggested Time

30 - 45 minutes