Family Activity
30 - 45 minutes

Finding the Right College Fit

  • College Access


Considering and applying to college can be an overwhelming process for families. This discussion starter will help families focus on key areas in a college search from campus environment and size to selecting a career specialty. While it’s important to consider the academic programs and opportunities for growth that each campus offers as your child builds a list of possible schools, it’s also critical to consider other factors, such as: – the cost of tuition and the scholarship opportunities that may be available – the size and location of the college/university – how far your child will have to travel to and from school – what the campus culture is like – what kinds of facilities the campus has How can you and your child learn about all the college options? How can you assist your child in finding the right college fit? With thousands of public, private, community and junior colleges in the United States, it’s important to create a roadmap. The best place to start that roadmap is by helping your child know him/herself.


  • Understand the top priorities to consider when applying to college 
  • Conduct targeted research to identify which colleges may prove to be good fits 
  • Understand the steps needed to develop a comprehensive college list 

Suggested Time

30 - 45 minutes