Family Activity
30 - 45 minutes

Navigating Financial Aid

  • College Access


For many families, paying for a college education may seem out of reach. Very few can afford to pay for one year of college, let alone four. And many families automatically assume they aren’t eligible for financial aid when they may very well be. This guide is designed to help prospective college students and families learn how scholarships, grants, loans and work- study programs—or any combination of these sources—can help pay for college. Although it may require some research to find and apply for different types of financial aid, a college education really can be affordable for everyone.


  • Understand the various types of financial aid, from scholarships and grants to work-study program and loans 
  • Learn helpful tips to navigate the financial aid process 
  • Identify resources that can aid in accessing and unlocking financial aid 
  • Conduct a hands-on activity to understand financial aid award letters and how to make informed decisions about paying for college 

Suggested Time

30 - 45 minutes