March 14, 2023

TGR Foundation and TGR Design to partner with the Cobbs Creek Foundation in community development project

Education and golf opportunities to be provided at the new Cobbs Creek campus in Philadelphia through the TGR Learning Lab and a new short course by TGR Design

Philadelphia, PA – TGR Foundation and TGR Design are partnering with the Cobbs Creek Foundation to enhance access to education and golf in Philadelphia through the new Cobbs Creek campus. The campus will support the community through innovative education programs and opportunities to empower youth to discover and achieve their fullest potential.

Through the partnership, TGR Foundation will operate a TGR Learning Lab, providing youth from the region access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, college preparation and career readiness programs. TGR Design will build a new short course to provide access and opportunities for the community to practice and learn the game of golf.

TGR Learning Lab at Cobbs Creek to open in 2024.

“I’m excited to work with the Cobbs Creek Foundation and the Philadelphia community on this special project that combines my passions, golf and supporting youth through education,” said Tiger Woods, Founder, TGR Foundation and TGR Design. “Through the campus, we will provide meaningful education opportunities for local youth while expanding access to the game I love.”

Founded in 1996 by Woods, TGR Foundation’s mission is to empower students to pursue their passions through education. The TGR Learning Lab at Cobbs Creek will be a 30,000-square-foot education facility serving local students through year-round programming that will expand access to learning and opportunities to explore their career interests. Students at the Learning Lab will gain real-world transferable skills related to careers in STEM and beyond. Dynamic classes planned to be offered include robotics, cyber security, artificial intelligence, multimedia design and more. The Learning Lab will employ a diverse and engaging staff with a passion for developing relationships with the students, parents and educators in the community.

Under the vision of Woods, TGR Design will create and develop a short course at Cobbs Creek. The course will provide a world-class golf experience to the local Philadelphia community. It will be accessible to golfers of all ages and abilities, introducing new players to the sport. Programming will be available at the short course for young golfers to build their skills and develop the game’s core values.

The Cobbs Creek Foundation is a community revitalization nonprofit working to create a golf and education campus that provides opportunities for the diverse youth of Philadelphia. The three pillars of the Cobbs Creek Foundation are community, education and golf. Ongoing programs at Cobbs Creek will engage the surrounding community with outreach programs, year-round education opportunities at the TGR Learning Lab and access to the historic Cobbs Creek Golf Course.

In 2022 the Cobbs Creek Foundation entered a long-term lease agreement with the City of Philadelphia to restore and revitalize the Cobbs Creek Golf Course and create a new education and community center on the site of this storied public course. The Cobbs Creek Foundation is leading the project to restore the historic course and surrounding areas into a high-quality public space for all Philadelphians.

“We are honored to be working with TGR Foundation to create new opportunities for local youth to learn, grow and thrive,” said Chris Maguire, Chairman, Cobbs Creek Foundation. “Together we will celebrate this course’s historic past and create a bold and bright future for the city of Philadelphia.”

This partnership between the Cobbs Creek Foundation, TGR Foundation and TGR Design is an investment in the community. Through relationships with community partners, the campus will serve as a hub for education and golf opportunities. For more information visit